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Vidcast: The State of Public Art, pt. 1

How much art is sitting around downtown Minneapolis these days?
Not much. Here’s the first in a series of investigative reports, also known as “tissue-thin rationalizations for walking around downtown on a beautiful September day.” Nominations for future entries in the Public Art Series can be left in the comments.

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Nice Tour of the Town!

I would like it if the city of Minneapolis would please provide tourists with a Sculpture Map and headphones with your verbal presentation of what they are seeing & experiencing. Granted, some of the sculptors may not appreciate all the humor (but I sure do). Your vidcasts are most enjoyable! PLEASE keep them coming. Maybe you could do a feature on 'the lakes' in our City of Lakes.


Perhaps I'll do the lakes in the winter, just to see if anyone can tell them apart.

And You Just Might Make It Afterall... Meow!

Not sure about the art around town, but...

Federal Building: Like any decent--ha ha, decent--federal building should look. Nice.

IDS: Hell yes!

The Lib: Ohhhhhhhhhh dear god. I'm sorry.

The rock people were cute though.

I've got a suggestion for an around the town vidcast; you can always dub in a Ferrari 275 GTB over the Element in post.

The MTM meow at the end

is just classic, James. The perfect touch.

It's impossible to look at

It's impossible to look at the Rock People without imagining them moving about in a Max Fleischer cartoon.

Mary Tyler Moore statue

I don't know if this makes it better or worse but that Mary Tyler Moore statue was part of an endeavor by the TV Land cable channel to commemorate classic TV shows.

There are a number of these statues scattered around the country. Ralph Kramden in New York, Bob Newhart in Chicago etc.

So Minneapolis didn't exactly decide to do this on their own, they participated in a marketing campaign for the TV Land network.

The "family" sculpture

That family of four sculpture is hilarious, *so* very '80s! The best part is that each figure's fingers are spread out just slightly, so the smokers often put their half-smoked cigarettes between the statues' fingers.

You should check out the new

You should check out the new "Art at City Bella" or whatever the city of Richfield is calling it at 66th and Lyndale. We now have our very own statues of Don Quixote and Pancho Sanza, right on Lyndale. Not sure how it fits in with the City's vision for the future.....but given that the word "quixotic" derives from "Quixote'" it does seem to make some sense. Not at all inspiring or motivating, but it makes sense.....

I agree with John Nowak's

I agree with John Nowak's comment--my first thought was "that's a mighty big pile of Shmoos!"

spanking sculpture

I suspect that's a Paul Granlund creation, part of the famous "Child Abuse" collection. I attended Gustavus, where the late Mr. Granlund was sculptor-in-residence, and these "throw caution to the wind, and the baby to the wolves" depictions were everywhere.

MTM Meow

Loved it.

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