Retro Xmas Ad: the All-Electric Freshman

It’s the new “All-Electric” radio. I don’t know enough about radio to ask what the old partially-electric radios were like. I think they might mean the crystal sets that required a mile of wire, a cat’s whisker, and some probes hooked up to a potato. You’d think all radios were electric by 1929, the year […]

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Friday Indie Movie Thread

It’s difficult to be objective about a movie in which your daughter appears, and in which you were an extra, and she gets a credit and you don’t. Oh, it’s “A Star Is Born” time around our house. Local filmmaker Patrick Coyle’s “Into Temptation” had its cast-and-crew-and-investors-and-friends premier last night at the Riverview. Themain stars […]

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Retro Xmas Ad

Most of the Christmas ads in the 1930 Star showed business-as-usual:  easy terms and shiny radios and thin stylish women struggling home with a dozen foil-wrapped boxes in their fur-draped arms. At the bottom of the page, though, there’s this: Special Hard Time Dental Prices. Upper or Lower Maroon Rubber. Extractions for three quarters. With […]

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